The climate crisis together with rising inequality is the biggest issue of our time

    - through workshops, mentoring and words, we'll help you find your place in the movement.


    With Many Roots provides a series of workshops aimed at tackling climate science and climate silence.

    In small friendly groups, online or offline, we'll learn, debate and challenge ourselves.

    Covering the complexity of the climate science and solutions to building confidence for climate conversations.

    There are currently 2 workshops and one-to-one EcoMentoring available:

  • "Sophia had an amazing ability to engage us all in a challenging subject in an enjoyable and informative way. She was knowledgable, friendly and ensured that no one was left out! I would highly recommend!"

    Jo, UK

    “I wanted to thank YOU again for the amazing event you hosted yesterday! It truly opened up my eyes on climate change and made me learn so much, I'm so grateful for you putting this together” 🙌

    Ines, Australia

    It feels like I’ve done a 4 year university degree in 3 hours!

    Founder of Encompass HK

    I really enjoyed the energy of Sophia throughout this workshop. Her passion and determination helped us map with confidence the Climate Collage. The collaborative approach to this workshop opened up much needed conversations on the realities we are living in and the responsibilities we should take as businesses but also as global citizens.

    Tasha, Brand and Content Marketer - Mauritius

  • Community Events

    Hosting 'pay what it's worth' and just for fun workshops few times a month

  • Get to grips with the climate science

    Community Edition: Understanding climate science is hard but it's important we get to grips with it, the Climate Collage turns climate science into a game.

    Next session: Thursday 10 December 5.30pm GMT

    Cli-Fi for beginners: Imagination for climate solutions

    We are #OverDystopia. You can’t change the future without imagining it first Join us for a climate fiction workshop.

    Next session: 7 December 7pm GMT


    Musings in a climate crisis, wrestling with the big ideas, ups and downs of a newbie activist


    Articles and interviews across the web

    The altruists who give thousands from their salaries to charities: ‘It feels like the right thing to do’ - The i Paper - October 2020

    Sophia Cheng, 33, founder of communications agency With Many Roots, has increased her pledge over time, firstly giving away 2.5 per cent of her income for two years before switching to donating 10 per cent of her profits in 2018.


    Interview: https://inews.co.uk/inews-lifestyle/money/altruists-charity-fundraising-explained-donations-741826

    Women Pivoting: Sophia from With Many Roots

    Brand Purpose & Values, Interview - June 2020

    Sophia Cheng is a communications expert, a digital nomad who recently made the decision to head back home to the U.K. and a self-confessed newbie activist. I met Sophia through the Digital Nomad Girls Inner Circle and have seen her in action hosting Eco Talks, a regular session covering the ins and outs of the climate crisis.


    Her business is With Many Roots, and her pivot has seen her shift from offering project-specific communications services, to hosting workshops for those seeking to educate themselves about climate change. Now due to COVID, Sophia has adapted the workshop model to be delivered online.



    How to keep your pledge
    Tips on staying grounded for twelve months - Flight Free - October 2020

    Twelve months without flying can be pretty tough if you’re usually on a plane every few weeks or months. As we come into autumn and winter with grey skies and short days, those adverts for city getaways or cheap flights might be more tempting than ever.

    Here are some tips to help you not to break your pledge, from one of our pledgers, Sophia Cheng.


    Guest post: https://flightfree.co.uk/post/how-to-keep-your-pledge/

    Flight Free UK - Six and a half flying ideas for the future - April 2020

    Flight free 2020 pledger Sophia Cheng attended the ChangeNOW Summit in Paris, and shares what she learned about a sustainable future for aviation.


    I'm what you might call a recovering flying addict. I love to travel and invariably enjoyed air travel too. I have opinions on where exactly to best sit on the plane. So taking the flight free pledge has meant a major overhaul in my lifestyle.

    Guest post:


    The coworking concept you can do from your bedroom - Underpinned - July 2020

    For the last two years, communications specialist Sophia Cheng has been hosting DNG’s Tuesday 9am session. And although she started virtually coworking when she was travelling, she’s since slowed down – she’s currently based in Bristol – and says it’s still an important part of her weekly routine.

    “It’s an anchor point in my week and that routine and structure has made a massive difference to my freelance life. I thought I laughed in the face of routine only to learn that I actually desperately needed it,” she laughs.


    Interview: https://underpinned.co/magazine/2020/07/coworking-concept-bedroom/

    Essex Live - The Essex workers taking 'pay cuts' and comedy classes to save the planet - February 2020

    Sophia Cheng from Chelmsford has completely changed her lifestyle in the last few years, including the way she works. Just a few years ago, the 32-year-old travelled far and wide across the planet, without much notice of how much her jet setting flights could be affecting the environment.

    In 2017, she shocked herself that she had done 37 flights in one year and says she won't take a flight for 12 months.

    After a slow and painful awakening to the climate crisis, Sophia decided to stay put


    The Independent - Carbon neutral 2020: Meet the people who’ve given up flying - August 2019

    “It’s not about shaming anyone – I have a huge carbon debt to pay back,” says 32-year-old Sophia Cheng. A former digital nomad who has taken more than 70 flights in the past few years, Sophia officially stopped flying at the end of June 2019 and is determined not to get on a plane until at least the end of 2020. It will be the longest she has gone without flying since the age of three. Interview:

    Pebble Mag - How to make 2019 the year you grow your own food indoors - January 2019

    At the beginning of the year many of us are being more mindful about what we're eating, whether that's due to Veganuary or pledges to support more locally grown produce like the farm to table movement. But have you considered growing your own organic food indoors? Yep, indoors.

    Sophia Cheng, journalist and sprout-growing convert, talks us through three options.
    Guest post: https://pebblemag.com/magazine/eating-drinking/how-to-grow-your-own-food-indoors

    HARA - 1.5 to stay alive - the time is now to act on climate - November 2018

    We'd forgive you, distracted by some of the political debacles in recent weeks, if you missed the recent climate report from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). But fear not - we're digesting the Carbon Brief's breakdown, so you don't have to. 🕵🏽🌏🌡️
    Commissioned piece: https://www.harathelabel.com/blogs/news/1-5-to-stay-alive-the-time-is-now-to-act-on-climate

    HARA - Periods Without Plastic - July 2018

    Did you know that there is often a lot of plastic in the menstrual products we use? In fact pads are 90% plastic - that ends up in landfill or worse clogging up our water system and then our seas and rivers. Many applicators included with tampons are solid plastic and end up on our beaches.
    Commissioned piece: https://www.harathelabel.com/blogs/news/periods-without-plastic-part-1-menstrual-cups 
    Part two: https://www.harathelabel.com/blogs/news/periods-without-plastic-part-2-reusable-menstrual-pads-1

    Impact Hub - Communities for Change - February 2018

    By 2080, 80% of the world’s population is expected to live in cities. The increasingly complex challenges that cities face such as insufficient housing, air pollution and rising inequality demand solutions that are dynamic, systemic, and collaboratively developed.
    Commissioned piece: http://www.impacthub.net/stories/communities-for-change-seeking-solutions-for-an-increasingly-urban-world

    LSN Global / The Future Laboratory - Low Impact Eaters - November 2017

    "A trip to the supermarket is laden with pitfalls and you’re never going to come out with a completely pure shopping
    basket. I ask myself questions like ‘where was this made?’, ‘is it fresh?’ and ‘is it imported?’ However, a product
    made locally doesn’t mean that its production has involved fewer greenhouse gases than the production of an imported product. I’m learning about that." Article behind a paywall: https://www.lsnglobal.com/tribes/article/21892/low-impact-eaters - or read it in PDF format

    The Professional Hobo - Financial Case Study - October 2017

    The Safe Nomad Series. The life of a nomadic couple - September 2017

    Women Digital Nomads - The Digital Nomads Guide To Yogyakarta, Indonesia - June 2017

    Impact Hub - Digital Nomad Journey - March 2016


    If you would like to arrange to book in a group workshop drop us a line and we'll be in touch


    Reorienting life around the climate crisis

    Sophia Cheng

    Workshops | Mentoring | Words

    With a decades communications experience I professionalised my concern for the climate, the weight of the problem did not sink in for many years. While slow creeping towards a more ethical lifestyle, I turned towards activism with fervour after reading the UN’s climate report in October 2018.


    That report – and letting myself feel it – changed everything. After travelling for 4 years I have returned to the UK to be as useful as I can in the time we’ve got left.


    My focus is impact. So I offer, one-to-one mentoring, group workshops and a growing writing practice. Holding a safe space for difficult topics.


    I still need to pay the bills, so my heart work is supplemented with communications support. I'm grateful to my existing clients and projects for their consistency, that enables me to tread this balance.
    Find my resume over on LinkedIn.


    People and Planet

    Jayme feels passionately about the environment and people. A crucial part of the team, although you won't see much of him as he organises much of the back office (all that exciting stuff like finance.)


    His main body of work is on trauma and emotions, and is currently being trained in trauma yoga by the TCTSY. He wants to implement change in mental health and is working on a project to bring about integral healing for long term trauma suffers. Watch this space......


    (He also takes a mean photo and puts them on here and our instagram).


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