Raising Climate Literacy

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Are you in the right place?


Is your organisation facing the climate crisis challenge but not sure where to start?

Employee Engagement

Is your organisation declaring a roadmap to netZero and looking for employee engagement initiatives to bring your people with you?


Do your executive team need a more in-depth systemic understanding of climate change?


Do your marketing and communications team need to be able to join the dots to better inform your readers and customers?

Why make climate science more accessible?

Be part of the solution

The latest research has identified “strengthening climate education and engagement” as one of the core “social tipping” interventions to help stabilise our climate.
Like any good problem solving, we need to understand the problem first, really understand it. When it comes to the climate crisis, it’s complicated. And so are the solutions.

Bring your team together

Climate Change is complex and requires systems thinking.
Solving the crisis means we all need a firm understanding about it. But it’s got to be engaging; a webinar won’t cut it. Build a solid foundation and get to grips with the science in an interactive way and start the conversation in 3 hours.
We offer different workshops to support your people and help you raise the climate literacy in your organisation.

What if…

Everyone understood?

Climate Change is complex and requires systems thinking. Solving the crisis means we all need a firm understanding about it. But it’s got to be engaging; a webinar won’t cut it. Build a solid foundation and get to grips with the science in an interactive way and start the conversation in 3 hours.

Everyone came along?

The key principles of change management is to engage, engage, engage and share your why. Raising climate literacy in your organisation can pave the way not only for successful delivery of ESG programs but also create a culture shift that will spill over beyond your employees’ work desk.


Half-day workshop


Online of offline- Covid-19 depending


For groups of 7+ extra facilitators are brought in

Suggested tool

Climate Fresk (formerly Climate Collage)

By turning UN science reports (IPCC 6th assessment report) into a game, it makes climate change more accessible. Now played by more than 400,000 people worldwide, be part of a movement of people raising their climate literacy.
With Many Roots delivers these interactive workshops to teams and groups to help people process systems change in a safe, non-judgemental space. We use imaginative cards in order to learn the drivers, mechanisms and consequences of climate change. There are five rounds of engaging with the cards and the concepts, then the game is followed by a debrief and discussion about next steps. The whole process can be tailored to your specific group or team.

At the end of the workshop you will have

  • A clearer understanding of the cause and effect of the climate science
  • A visual overview of the interconnectedness of the concepts
  • Considered how you feel about the climate crisis and what actions you might take
  • Tested your own knowledge and assumptions
  • A powerful shared experience your group/team can relate to
  • A PDF output of your group work and a URL packed with extra resources you can keep coming back to for reference and further learning
  • Tailored discussion to meet your organisation’s needs
  • All participants now on the same page ready for meaningful discussions on solutions and action!

Keep the momentum up with follow-up workshops.

Bringing in 10 years of communications experience, including internal communications and employee engagement, these original workshops are designed to be stretching, interactive and fun.
We currently have 4 additional workshops on offer.



of respondents rated the workshop 8/10 or higher


of respondents reported learning a number of new ideas


of respondents were so engaged they expressed interest in training as a facilitator


people have participated in a With Many Roots Climate Fresk

What others have said

It feels like I’ve done a 4 year university degree in 3 hours!
Founder of Encompass HK
Sophia was excellent at marshalling the group, making them feel relaxed and engaged but equally keeping the pace moving.
MD in the Outsource Sector
It was great that the facilitator kept checking in to see how we were all doing. The explanations were really clear and it was brilliant.
Purpose Engagement Manager in Oil and Gas sector

Who we’ve worked with

We’ve also been brought in to deliver workshops for global social media firms, large soft drinks sector, luxury cosmetics brands, large consultancy firms, aerospace sector, private equity, industrial vehicles, comprehensive secondary schools, Exec MBAs, global alcohol brands, a global cheese brand, corporate banks and high street banks and road infrastructure.

FAQs for Climate Fresk workshop

What data is the workshop based on?

The data used in the workshop is based on the UN’s IPCC’s 6th Assessment report, which was published in 2021. It is a synthesis and “provides an overview of the state of knowledge concerning the science of climate change.” Here’s the original source, AR6 SYR.

Why is the group size quite small?

Climate Fresk is a group collaborative activity, and being online means that several cursors are moving around the screen – with plenty of opportunity for other distractions. Engagement is required throughout the workshop and to balance everyone’s needs, 6 is the optimum size,  or occasionally 8. If you’d like more of your team to play, we can arrange simultaneous sessions with 2 facilitators. 

Face to face group sizes can be up to 8 and 1 facilitator can run up to 3 teams at one time.

Can the workshop be changed?

No. The workshop itself is under copyright and cannot be altered without permission. The game is played in accordance with the science. However, the debrief can be tailored to suit the needs of the group, particularly for internal teams, who, after such a powerful shared experience, are often motivated to make real systemic impact. 

Why is 10% of your profit donated to charity?

Since 2017, With Many Roots has donated 10% of its profit to charity, using effective altruism principles. We believe it’s our responsibility to distribute our success. Did you know the average salary in the UK in 2019 (£30,000/year in 1 household) equates to being in the top 2.1% richest population in the world? Find out where last year’s 10% went. We even made it into the national newspaper!

Do you run workshops face to face?

Yes. We offer workshops both in person and online. We can adapt to your organisation’s needs. We work with a pool of emphatically-trained facilitators across many locations. We are well practiced at online delivery techniques that make the workshop engaging in the digital space as this was our primary mode of delivery during the pandemic.

Face to face group sizes can be up to 8 and 1 facilitator can run up to 3 teams at one time.

Can the workshop be shorter?

No. Climate science is complex and challenging: it’s important we take our time so every participant can engage with and process the information. Given the wide scale transformational change the UN calls for, we think 3 hours is an acceptable amount of time to begin to understand the concepts involved. 

Workshops can be extended for groups wanting a slower pace and to have a longer, more in depth debrief.

Can I become a Climate Fresk facilitator?

Yes absolutely. But first you need to participate in a Climate Fresk workshop. Once every two months With Many Roots runs training workshops for individuals. For organisations, employees can be trained to roll out the workshop across the organisation. Find out more here.

Why am I paying for staff physio, wellbeing and learning?

We’re demanding our team to be at their desk and emotionally present during each workshop, to hold a safe space while others engage (often for the first time) with just how complex and connected the climate crisis is. This work is intellectually, posturally and emotionally demanding. We think it’s fair to look after the needs of our team, so that means paying for processes to continue their learning; physiotherapy and similar to maintain a healthy body;  and counselling or mentoring to build resilience and maintain emotional health. We believe all this will contribute to higher quality workshops for you. Often in other companies’ prices these are embedded costs: With Many Roots prefers to be accountable and to let you know where your money is going.


With Many Roots adopts a sliding scale fee and 10% of your fee goes to Climate Fresk.

Online workshops are priced at:

Reduced / Grassroots
  • A few reduced and free workshops are run for grassroots or student groups
< £500
Standard / SMEs
  • ½ day workshop for up to 7 colleagues, 14 offline
  • Branded, tidied resource
Generous / Corporate
  • ½ day workshop for 7 colleagues online, 14 offline
  • Branded, tidied resource
  • Pre and post workshop meeting for tailoring needs
  • 1 hour group debrief 1 week later (optional)
  • Fund 1 free workshop for grassroots communities
≥ £2750
With Many Roots is part of the Giving What You Can Pledge; 10% of annual profit is donated to charity. With Many Roots is a living wage employer and all team members have access to physical and mental health wellbeing support and an annual training budget to further their learning.

Next steps

Book in a call with Sophia to discuss your needs and aims for yourself or your team.
Together we will identify if we’re a good fit and map out the right program for your organisation.