Engaging all staff on climate connections in the legal sector

Offered optional climate education workshop to colleagues as an opportunity to zoom out and explore how climate change intersects with their existing work. It sparked ideas to bring this to more of the team to explore how to integrate climate work. Subsequently returned to deliver a session to the full team with their new CEO. Employees were invited to imagine how the organisation could be integrating the climate crisis more centrally. These initial ideas will be feeding into the next 3 year strategy.

“As a leader of a small organisation I worried that the work required to meet the expectations of our staff, client and funders would be thankless and ultimately make little difference. With Many Roots energised me and my team to take on the work we need to do internally; has inspired us to change the way we work in unexpected ways and will have an impact through our professional and personal relations well beyond what we can achieve directly.”
Christopher Igoe,
Finance and Operations Director, Public Law Project


Supporting a top UK university to scale up and deliver climate education

Running pilot workshops initially with engineering Masters Students, then various educators tasked with scaling climate literacy across the institution we ran training sessions to support and empower wider outreach. Participants reported, “One of the most inspiring things that I’ve experienced in my life and during my Master’s degree.”

This pilot has since continued and led to the largest rollout of Climate Fresk in the UK to date; with 400 students taking part in November 2023.

The initial engagement was with a group of Masters students nearing the end of the course. I asked Sophia to tailor the course around their career planning, and the result was truly inspirational. Students left the course energised and engaged, determined to make a difference in their organisations. I have since had contact with a number of alumni who are taking the training into their professional practice. Subsequent training with academic and professional staff has provided a powerful basis from which to scale up climate training for both staff and students.
Steve Cayzer
Learning and Teaching Liaison, Climate Action Framework at University of Bath


Deploying Train-the-trainer to scale climate education

Arkema, a specialty materials and coatings company recognized the value of a robust understanding of climate science through innovative workshop-based learning tools.

In order to scale climate education initiatives, we worked with them to develop an internal U.S. facilitation team to deliver the Climate Fresk workshop and further integrate climate education into their company culture.

The trained internal facilitators demonstrated a deep understanding of the Climate Fresk tool, climate change topics, and successfully engaged their colleagues in meaningful discussions. The company is now working towards climate literate teams, driving innovation, identifying market opportunities, mitigating risks, ensuring compliance, fostering collaboration, enhancing CSR, and developing adaptive strategies.

 By empowering internal facilitators and leveraging internal resources, the company is effectively scaling climate education initiatives, fostering a culture of sustainability, and working towards achieving its climate education goals. This will set the stage for innovation in product development, further support ambitious company sustainability targets, and bring clarity to decision-making involving climate impacts and opportunities.

Empowering our internal facilitators was the first step in building our climate education platform, and the team at With Many Roots was instrumental in creating a strong foundation for the future. We feel confident in our ability to rollout the Climate Fresk workshops to all employees in the U.S.”
Jean-Marie Cencetti
Senior Director – Environment and Sustainable Development


Reigniting the engagement and energy of Environment in the HSE agenda at the manager level at nuclear infrastructure group

Working alongside HSE Manager and engineer champion we tailored the Climate Fresk to engage a mix of engineers and managers to bring them up to speed on the complexity and interconnectedness of climate change. Equipped with the big picture, the team ideated how they could accelerate their environment agenda and recruit champions

The result was an enjoyable team session with high levels of engagement and enthusiasm from participants. They described it as “eye opening” and challenging their thinking. Systems thinking solutions ideas were generated as well as what individuals could do in their roles right away including “reevaluating HSE plan objectives.”

Sophia has been wonderful throughout the process, from organisation, to delivery and then feedback. The workshop went beyond our expectations: The participants got genuinely engaged; they worked collaboratively through this great learning journey; they understood why the “E” is as much important as “S” and “H” in HSE; and most importantly, they gathered brilliant ideas on how our company can improve its contribution to reduce its impact on Climate Change.”
Francois Richard
Project and Engineering Lead


COVID-19 forced ERG to fundamentally rethink their plans. They needed to come together, learn and re-strategize quickly—without losing momentum.

Working with group’s leader, With Many Roots learned the needs of the Green Team ERG during planning calls. The participants included people with mixed knowledge levels, from founding to new members of the Green Team, making it a moment of learning for all and a powerful shared experience. A full group workshop was planned to allow time for the complexity of the science to sink in.

The collaborative nature of the workshop created a powerful shared experience among participants, allowing them to create a new strategy and approach for maximum impact across the company even while everyone was working remotely. The momentum of the Green Team had been restored and they were able to pivot their sustainability goals and strategies to meet the new complexities the company was faced with.

Sophia took the time to understand where we were coming from as a team and really tailored her offering in a way that worked for us. Climate change is a complex topic, but Sophia guided us in a clear and logical manner that linked to actionable next steps we developed as a group. The workshop really kickstarted our Green Team. Since then Sophia has been extremely supportive in providing us resources and ideas to be effective.
Green Team Lead


Engaging new volunteers in campaigning group with growing influence and reach

Setting a warm and informal tone from the outset the group worked together to complete the Climate Fresk, challenge their own knowledge, share their expertise and discuss how they could support their members.
Across the two workshops the majority of volunteers have now covered the basics, whilst many who had been working in the sustainability field for a while filled gaps in their knowledge. Volunteers who had not met due to Covid-19 were able to network informally.

With Many Roots were excellent at marshalling the group, making them feel relaxed and engaged, but equally keeping the pace moving.
Ben Tolhurst


Using engaging workshop to bring team up to speed with climate science and explore role of local storytelling

Joined by all the Media Team With Many Roots ran through the climate workshop and people brought in their expertise into the discussion. We focused on the role of storytelling and imagination in the debrief and on their role and responsibility as a local news outlet.

The result was that all members of the team who didn’t have a science background up to speed, and those with different specialties were able to see how the climate crisis intersects with various social issues. The work fed into a wider discussion on how to support their readers in joining the dots.

The session did an excellent job of bringing everyone up to speed on climate science and will provide a foundation for how we cover the climate crisis as a local newspaper in 2021 and beyond.
Matty Edwards