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As we grow we’re coming into contact with more and more industries.

Some of these industries emit a lot of fossil fuels. Others perpetuate a lifestyle that fuels mindless consumption. Others invest in propping up these systems without much transparency. Some are making a few people very very rich.

It raises the moral question: who are we willing to work with?

It’s easy to heckle from outside the system in but what do you do if you are invited in?

And if you do go inside, what will the outsiders think of you? Will you be cancelled?

We’ve been wrestling with this for some time. Working out where we stand, where our line in the sand is.

Are we enabling greenwashing?

We don’t think we are.

71% of carbon emissions come from just 100 companies, so the 2017 much-quoted study says.

The top 100 countries by size of employees employ 92 million people: that’s a large chunk of the human population. We will not limit warming if leaders in these companies aren’t up to speed with the scale of the problem. And those outside of top 100 lists still have a lot of financial, political and cultural sway. However the communications of the workshop are presented, we know that we will be delivering the scientific consensus on climate change in a meaningful and engaging way and we will have started a conversation on how to respond.

So we have and will work with global tech firms, global soft drinks companies, the aerospace and private equity industries.. We will work with retail conglomerates and motor vehicle companies. We will even work with fossil fuel companies.

Workshops for these multi-nationals will be charged at a higher rate where we work directly with them. We donate 10% of our annual pre-tax profit and we plan to invest in training up facilitators from diverse community groups. It means we can also run workshops at cost or even for free.

We’ve also been hired by innovative member-owned newspapers, boutique travel companies, community farms and even the YMCA.

We’re proud of reaching all of these organisations. And the common thread of the 500+ people we’ve reached so far? The vast majority are worried and want to act.

Our business is delivering high quality engaging messaging to business leaders, community leaders, youth leaders. Sometimes we do that in C Suites, sometimes we do that in the streets.

If you have some constructive feedback on this topic, please reach out to [email protected]

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