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Climate Fresk at the UK Houses of Parliament – Bankers for Net Zero and Cayman Islands Government UK – July 2023

Sophia features in a video where she was facilitating the Climate Fresk workshop at the UK Houses of Parliament for the first time. The broadcaster’s first line is Sophia’s and later in the video she is quoting Lord Deben from the Climate Change Commission.

More people opting to go child-free – ITV News – June 2023

Sophia is interviewed as part of a feature exploring why more people in the UK are opting for more child-free. Sophia speaks from the perspective of organiser of the Motherhood in a Climate Crisis project.

What is an Effective Climate Change Story? – Citizens’ Climate Radio podcast –December 2022

Allison collaborates on this episode reading out her positive climate future story: “Forest at the End of the Lane.” [28 mins]

Motherhood in a climate crisis: Women share their anger and fear – BBC – November 2022

The project, Motherhood in a climate crisis, was started by Sophia Cheng to help people share those difficult conversations.


Exploring Nomad Identify – 7in7 Panel Discussion – September 2022

Sophia joins a panel of established nomads to discuss the digital nomad movement in a post-pandemic world. How does this impact our identity?

Watch the 1 hour panel here: https://vimeo.com/747369934

It’s too late to educate – Sophia Cheng debates at The Climate School launch with NYT – June 2022

We heard a powerful cry for educational transformation and advancing climate literacy at scale – not only for businesses, but across politics, generations and schools –  as our debaters discussed the key question, “Is it too late to educate?”

Playful 2 minute speaking for the motion: it’s too late to educate.

Find the full debate here: https://youtu.be/_VxCDGjTbNs?t=1519

Climate Psychology Alliance : Motherhood in a Climate Crisis podcast interview – June 2022

Sophia Cheng and Emma Palmer in conversation with Judith Anderson. Sophia is developing a collaborative creative project involving personal stories from self-identifying women wrestling with these two topics at the same time. She and her colleagues want to challenge the taboo and put this conversation on the map, NOT to position one woman against another but explore all the nuances around how the climate crisis is shaping how (and if) we mother.

Listen to the 26 minute interview below:

Citizens Climate Radio: Cli-Fi Imaginarium featured in the Art House – May 2022

After podcast host Peterson Toascano joined one of the Cli-Fi workshops, he featured it in the arthouse section of his podcast. He does a wonderful job of explaining the writing group. Find out more here.

Listen in from 45 minutes below:

The Metro: Why everyone could do with a Lisa in their life… – March 2022

Featured case study in Finance section of The Metro newspaper about opening a Lifetime ISA (Individual Savings Account) in part due to my work on positive futures.

The Telegraph: Why Yorkshire is the new Cotswolds – March 2022

It was a desire for more space that drove Sophia Cheng – who delivers climate change education workshops – and her partner to relocate from a terraced house in Bristol to a semi-detached home in Newton-on-Ouse, a pretty village north of York, between lockdowns. Currently renting but hoping to buy eventually, she says: “We only planned to be here for six months and it’s been 18 months already. We’re getting to know our neighbours, have taken on an allotment, joined the WI, and regularly go cycling round here.” 


PebbleMag: Can Cli-Fi Fiction Help Us Imagine A Sustainable Future? – November 2021

CLi-Fi, or Climate Fiction, has become a beacon of hope for many people with eco-anxiety. Sophia Cheng explains.


Volition: Founder Chat – April 2021

Founder Chats with Sophia Cheng, Founder of With Many Roots

Daily Record: Peter Capaldi bewildered after accidentally joining Zoom meeting held by climate change group – April 2021

Scotish tabloid picks up story after seeing my tweet expressing surprise that Dr Who dropped into our Cli-Fi workshop.


Notabag: Explore Sustainable Positivity – April 2021

To explore the topic of sustainable positivity and ways in which we can integrate it into our lives, we invited Sophia Cheng, Founder of With Many Roots to share her experience and perspective with us. 


The Green Shopper: What on Earth is Radiative Forcing? – April 2021

Cli-Fi: Writing From the Future – Greener Kirkcaldy – February 2021

Greener Kirkcaldy’s Climate Champion Alecia attended the Cli-Fi writing from the future workshop and she has written about what she found out.

Beyond Paper Straws: Exploring practical actions to address the climate crisis – Leaders Council – February 2021

The science is clear but what is the right next step for leaders to take? What are the opportunities for organisations?
1 hour webinar in partnership with Business Declares.

Sophia Cheng of “With Many Roots” shares her insights on the Climate Collage – parCitypatory – January 2021

Given all that will have to change to solve it, “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society”, as the UN suggests, isn’t it worth spending a few hours of our time to understand why?

Entrepreneurship in a Climate Crisis – Finding Startups – January 2021

Podcast episode exploring entrepreneurship in the anthropocene.


Sophia Cheng donates to charity instead of securing herself: It’s about doing good – Kristeligt Dagblad – December 2020

The altruists who give thousands from their salaries to charities: ‘It feels like the right thing to do’ – The i Paper – October 2020

Sophia Cheng, 33, founder of communications agency With Many Roots, has increased her pledge over time, firstly giving away 2.5 per cent of her income for two years before switching to donating 10 per cent of her profits in 2018.

Interview: https://inews.co.uk/inews-lifestyle/money/altruists-charity-fundraising-explained-donations-741826

How to keep your pledge
Tips on staying grounded for twelve months – Flight Free – October 2020

Twelve months without flying can be pretty tough if you’re usually on a plane every few weeks or months. As we come into autumn and winter with grey skies and short days, those adverts for city getaways or cheap flights might be more tempting than ever.

Here are some tips to help you not to break your pledge, from one of our pledgers, Sophia Cheng.

Guest post: https://flightfree.co.uk/post/how-to-keep-your-pledge/

The coworking concept you can do from your bedroom – Underpinned – July 2020

For the last two years, communications specialist Sophia Cheng has been hosting DNG’s Tuesday 9am session. And although she started virtually coworking when she was travelling, she’s since slowed down – she’s currently based in Bristol – and says it’s still an important part of her weekly routine.

“It’s an anchor point in my week and that routine and structure has made a massive difference to my freelance life. I thought I laughed in the face of routine only to learn that I actually desperately needed it,” she laughs.

Interview: https://underpinned.co/magazine/2020/07/coworking-concept-bedroom/

Women Pivoting: Sophia from With Many Roots
Brand Purpose & Values, Interview – June 2020

Sophia Cheng is a communications expert, a digital nomad who recently made the decision to head back home to the U.K. and a self-confessed newbie activist. I met Sophia through the Digital Nomad Girls Inner Circle and have seen her in action hosting Eco Talks, a regular session covering the ins and outs of the climate crisis.

Her business is With Many Roots, and her pivot has seen her shift from offering project-specific communications services, to hosting workshops for those seeking to educate themselves about climate change. Now due to COVID, Sophia has adapted the workshop model to be delivered online.


Flight Free UK – Six and a half flying ideas for the future – April 2020

Flight free 2020 pledger Sophia Cheng attended the ChangeNOW Summit in Paris, and shares what she learned about a sustainable future for aviation.

I’m what you might call a recovering flying addict. I love to travel and invariably enjoyed air travel too. I have opinions on where exactly to best sit on the plane. So taking the flight free pledge has meant a major overhaul in my lifestyle.

Guest post:


Essex Live – The Essex workers taking ‘pay cuts’ and comedy classes to save the planet – February 2020

Sophia Cheng from Chelmsford has completely changed her lifestyle in the last few years, including the way she works. Just a few years ago, the 32-year-old travelled far and wide across the planet, without much notice of how much her jet setting flights could be affecting the environment.

In 2017, she shocked herself that she had done 37 flights in one year and says she won’t take a flight for 12 months.

After a slow and painful awakening to the climate crisis, Sophia decided to stay put


The Independent – Carbon neutral 2020: Meet the people who’ve given up flying – August 2019

“It’s not about shaming anyone – I have a huge carbon debt to pay back,” says 32-year-old Sophia Cheng. A former digital nomad who has taken more than 70 flights in the past few years, Sophia officially stopped flying at the end of June 2019 and is determined not to get on a plane until at least the end of 2020. It will be the longest she has gone without flying since the age of three. Interview:

Pebble Mag – How to make 2019 the year you grow your own food indoors – January 2019

At the beginning of the year many of us are being more mindful about what we’re eating, whether that’s due to Veganuary or pledges to support more locally grown produce like the farm to table movement. But have you considered growing your own organic food indoors? Yep, indoors.

Sophia Cheng, journalist and sprout-growing convert, talks us through three options.
Guest post: https://pebblemag.com/magazine/eating-drinking/how-to-grow-your-own-food-indoors

HARA – 1.5 to stay alive – the time is now to act on climate – November 2018

We’d forgive you, distracted by some of the political debacles in recent weeks, if you missed the recent climate report from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). But fear not – we’re digesting the Carbon Brief’s breakdown, so you don’t have to. 🕵🏽🌏🌡️
Commissioned piece: https://www.harathelabel.com/blogs/news/1-5-to-stay-alive-the-time-is-now-to-act-on-climate