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26 May 2022
Finding hope after the rains

It’s raining. They were threatening a torrential downpour on the Bulletin this morning, but they are so frequent that I am used to them now. I can hear the rain all around me, but all I feel is a fine mist and a deep sense of calm. The afternoon shower is my favourite time to come down to the farm for my shifts. I breathe in deeply. The smell of wet soil lingers in my nostrils. It’s so quiet – human quiet, I mean. The sounds of nature are thrilling. I remember first noticing and enjoying this feeling in the summer of 2020 as a pandemic swept across the world. Everything slowed down, everyone’s lives got smaller – including my own – and local wildlife and the weather were given more space and more decibels. It took some time, but when I finally started paying attention, I began to tell the difference between the call of a jackdaw and a chiffchaff; my senses saw beyond my sight. Now I can discern their message in their song, a call and response or an alarm. The blackbird’s tune is still my favourite all these years later.

Winding between tall rows of corn protecting crops of cucumber, I know I need to focus on collecting the beans. They are in their prime and the demand will be high. If I collect enough it will mean a trip to the regional Trade Exchange. That’ll be my opportunity to see her, face to face. Bethan’s there every week, I’ll be able to explain why I haven’t been around. She won’t be able to ignore my messages any more. I can tell her the back story, what I – we – went through to make the decision, share the nuance with her right next to me. I knew I shouldn’t have told her I was pregnant over text.

J thinks I’m overreacting, said it’s my hormones playing up. Well, that just riled me up even more. As the clouds darkened along with my mood, I knew I needed to get out of the house and get some fresh air. My body had me putting my boots on and out the door before my mind caught up. Sometimes I really need to be on my own, although… I suppose I’m not really on my own any more.

I sense a shift on my skin and look up; the rainclouds are clearing. My basket is full. Where did the time go? The exertion has lifted my spirits, so I push on up the hill. It feels good to use my muscles, push the balls of my feet into the ground and feel my thighs fire up. I could do this hike with my eyes closed, I know it so well, but the view never fails to surprise me. Row upon row of mighty walnut trees protecting lines of wheat – it’s nothing short of majestic. I push my palm into the nearest trunk as I catch my breath. I try to imprint it all, to capture it in my mind’s eye. Wide open spaces fuel my soul. There is new life in me and there is abundance everywhere I look.

Bethan will understand.

I am so glad I held on to hope.

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