#MeToo – resources for the curious

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18 October 2017
There's a Brene quote for that

You’ll be hard pushed to find someone that hasn’t come into contact with the #metoo trend across social media this week. In light of the Harvey Weinstein accusations brave women have spoken out. It’s moved from the world of celebrity into a grittier reality. Friends you know well may be sharing their story publicly for the first time, old colleagues are sharing a story you never knew before and powerful stories are being shared by complete strangers.

What’s your reaction? How does it make you feel? What are you going to do now?

A good starting place is to get curious and educate yourself, what is sexual harassment? A series of short films launched earlier this year tried to tackle just that.
*TRIGGER WARNING: Difficult but important to watch, so take care*

It’s tricky to navigate but here a few guiding principles you could use, courtesy of Brene Brown of course.

Feeling pressured to share your story:

Feeling shame about something you’ve read or the experiences you’ve had:

Witnessed something and considering speaking up:

Caught up in your own experiences:

Thinking about amending your ways:

Feeling pain and thinking about responding with shame, that it’s going to be useful:

Feeling uncertain when hearing someone else’s story:

Preparing yourself to hear someone else’s story:

I’ve found myself pulling on Brene’s lessons a lot when entering into the #metoo discussions and ended up paraphrasing her badly. So I decided to collate them here.

For more of her learnings and awesome quotable soundbites, I recommend you head over to her site: http://brenebrown.com/

Whatever your next move is – choose integrity and do right by you.
(that line is mine :p)

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