How to deal with adversity

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23 June 2015

Last month I attended a ‘Women in Tech’ event hosted by Guardian’s Harriet Minter.

Technically being in comms I went on a whim for a change of scenery and company after a long day of freelancing and screen aversion.

Harriet talked about resilience and referenced a recent course by Christopher Hamilton at The School of Life. She paraphrased Christopher and spoke of us being heroes

  1. the hero
  2. is on a quest
  3. adversity strikes and the hero is stuck in a literal rut, he frets and struggles
  4. a random stranger serendipitously drops in to put the hero back on his path
  5. hero is victorious in his quest
As Harriet told this story, I realised I was at Chapter 3. Weighed down by seemingly overwhelming tasks and adversity that seemed beyond my control.

Harriet was, in fact, my random stranger – by naming the feeling she had already given me ownership of it and a new way of looking at the problem.

Her advice on resilience, focus on what you can control and expect a random stranger to drop in in some capacity to set you back on course.

It may sound odd but think back and see how many times it has happened to you.

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