Heading For Extinction: Follow-up resources

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27 July 2019
List of useful resources on the climate and ecological crisis and approaches to tackling it.

Firstly, Thank you for coming along to the Heading For Extinction presentation.

We covered a lot of ground and it was a lot to take in.
So as you reflect on the scientific consensus on the ecological crisis, and the rationale for non-violent direct action, here are some resources you can continue to refer to and/or share with friends and family.

There are news articles, videos, films, books and more dense articles. I also have been writing a few articles on this for a bamboo underwear company (!) they’re written really informally, which might appeal. So pick what makes sense for you.

I’ve made a few personal judgements here on some of the content that might be useful guidance as you go through these resources:

More academic/in depth: | For everyone: | Humour: | Kid-friendly | Potentially hard-going emotionally:

If you’ve got any feedback, I’d love to hear it – you can reach me at [email protected]

Climate Crisis

Ecological Crisis

Threat of Social Collapse Extinction

What’s needed to turn this ship around?

Citizens’ Assembly

Why and How Non-Violent Direct Action works

Extinction Rebellion and recent activism

International Rebellion – April 2019

Regenerative Culture

Heading to Extinction talk – recorded

Other-related resources

Last updated 26 July 2019

Adding in some snaps – just for fun

Chelmsford, September 2019

Teignmouth, Devon – July 2019

XR Chelmsford – July 2019

XR Guernsey July 2019

XR Havering – June 2019

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