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Heading For Extinction: Follow-up resources

List of useful resources on the climate and ecological crisis and approaches to tackling it.

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Firstly, Thank you for coming along to the Heading For Extinction presentation.

We covered a lot of ground and it was a lot to take in.
So as you reflect on the scientific consensus on the ecological crisis, and the rationale for non-violent direct action, here are some resources you can continue to refer to and/or share with friends and family.

There are news articles, videos, films, books and more dense articles. I also have been writing a few articles on this for a bamboo underwear company (!) they’re written really informally, which might appeal. So pick what makes sense for you.

I’ve made a few personal judgements here on some of the content that might be useful guidance as you go through these resources:

More academic/in depth: 🤯| For everyone: 👍 | Humour: 😂 | Kid-friendly 🚸| Potentially hard-going emotionally: 🤭

If you’ve got any feedback, I’d love to hear it - you can reach me at

Climate Crisis

Ecological Crisis

Threat of Social Collapse Extinction

What’s needed to turn this ship around?

Citizens’ Assembly

Why and How Non-Violent Direct Action works

Extinction Rebellion and recent activism

International Rebellion - April 2019

Regenerative Culture

Heading to Extinction talk - recorded Other-related resources

Last updated 26 July 2019

Adding in some snaps - just for fun

Chelmsford, September 2019

Teignmouth, Devon - July 2019

XR Chelmsford - July 2019

XR Guernsey July 2019

XR Havering - June 2019

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