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Campaigning at its core

Staying focused

Yesterday I attended a campaigning workshop hosted by Mavin Comms. When you’re doing communications and campaigning all day, every day it’s easy to miss the wood through the trees.

Here's a nice succinct refresher; ‘a campaign is a series of linked actives towards a single goal.'

Key takeaways included

  1. Do your research
  2. What are you trying to achieve?
  3. How? AKA the strategy
  4. Implementation and content planning
  5. Monitor and evaluate - continuously

Now of course we like to compartmentalise it, break it down, throw different processes at it. Keep that left brain busy!

Here are some tools they shared, some new to me so I’ll be exploring them in coming weeks;

But in the end, whatever jargon you throw at it; this is people reaching out, talking to and impacting other people. Engage the right side of the brain. Be authentic. Be human. 

Thanks to Mavin Comms for the timely reminder.

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