Public Law Project


Including educational element into team’s quarterly face to face meeting to make steps towards their climate strategy

Climate Fresk | Employee Engagement | Legal Sector

Engaging all staff on climate connections in the legal sector

Offered optional climate education workshop to colleagues as an opportunity to zoom out and explore how climate change intersects with their existing work. It sparked ideas to bring this to more of the team to explore how to integrate climate work. Subsequently returned to deliver a session to the full team with their new CEO. Employees were invited to imagine how the organisation could be integrating the climate crisis more centrally. These initial ideas will be feeding into the next 3 year strategy.

“As a leader of a small organisation I worried that the work required to meet the expectations of our staff, client and funders would be thankless and ultimately make little difference. With Many Roots energised me and my team to take on the work we need to do internally; has inspired us to change the way we work in unexpected ways and will have an impact through our professional and personal relations well beyond what we can achieve directly.”
Christopher Igoe,
Finance and Operations Director, Public Law Project


University of Bath


Training up educators and students to deliver engaging climate education

Climate Fresk | Academia | Pilot

Supporting a top UK university to scale up and deliver collaborative climate education in creative ways

Running pilot workshops initially with engineering Masters Students, then various educators tasked with scaling climate literacy across the institution we ran training sessions to support and empower wider outreach. Participants reported, “One of the most inspiring things that I’ve experienced in my life and during my Master’s degree.” Another, “The 3 hour workshop is worth every second of it. I feel energised, inspired and well informed having attended this workshop. Sophia’s facilitation made it even more engaging yet a comfortable learning environment irrespective of the background of the participants.”

This pilot has since continued and led to the largest rollout of Climate Fresk in the UK to date; with 400 students taking part in November 2023.

The initial engagement was with a group of Masters students nearing the end of the course. I asked Sophia to tailor the course around their career planning, and the result was truly inspirational. Students left the course energised and engaged, determined to make a difference in their organisations. I have since had contact with a number of alumni who are taking the training into their professional practice. Subsequent training with academic and professional staff has provided a powerful basis from which to scale up climate training for both staff and students.
Steve Cayzer
Learning and Teaching Liaison, Climate Action Framework at University of Bath