Tea on Tap

Alex Finniss / 2 min read / Cli-Fi Imaginarium
25 October 2021
Who needs economic incentive for environmental action when you can provide something much better.

The one thing I did notice was the reduction in my household bills.

“Get your water from the sun!” they said, a very confusing advert. It didn’t make any sense; I hope an intern didn’t get fired for it. I turned my tap to C to get a glass of water.

“Get your water, hot from the Sun!” came the next slogan. This led to a very confused twitter, depressing teachers around the globe as millions asked, “Is there water on the sun?” Maybe an intern should have been fired for that one. I turned my tap to H, to wash the dishes.

“Look we’ll make your water warm using the sun, it’s like super cheap.”

Maybe the company was just completely run by interns. Besides, I live in Scotland. We only discovered the sun after we went to go fight the Germans in Africa. Even now some of us don’t believe in it. It sounds too much like a Westminster conspiracy.

I turned my tap to T.

“Buy this and you’ll have free tea on demand for life. You provide the water, we’ll provide the heat and teabags. Will even work in Aberdeen!”

Now these interns were talking. I signed up immediately. Only cost £1,000, with government eco-credits. I almost made that back in the first month. I drink a lot of tea.

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash

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