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Round up of the most useful apps on the go

Researching and deciding what apps you'll be taking away with you is, I would argue, the modern equivalent to deciding which maps to buy and guidebooks to get, which travel journal to take and which accessories you think you'll be needing.
I spent some time researching the best travel apps to take away and after two weeks in country I thought I would share some of the most used with you.
The Fun Stuff / Capturing memories
You're in a new place and you want to capture as much of your new surroundings as possible right? Here are some of the best ones I have come across so far:
Journey - a nice simple journal app that works seamlessly from your tablet to the Google Chrome app on your desktop. Very simple interface, heavy on the visuals, creates a nice clean and beautiful journal of your trip. You can link it to a Tumblr or other social networks to share it. For now I am keeping it to myself but I love to see it all coming together. I try and write something each day, even if it is only very short.
1 second everyday - a very simple and restrictive app that I am really enjoying. Record one second of footage everyday and it aggregates a video montage over a given time. Takes a bit of creative thinking each day but I love it. Already in 2 weeks it creates a very quick and fun summary of the trip so far. It only lets you add video that was recorded on that day, so no cheating allowed. A nifty trick there. Daily reminders from the app prompt you to get filming. I can't wait to see what 3 months worth will look like.
Canon Connect - this assumes you have a Canon camera with inbuilt NFC/wifi connections but if you do this app is awesome. You never knew you needed it until they created it! Not only does it allow you to control your camera remotely, changing all the manual settings you can take photos remotely too. So you can avoid the inevitable human shaking if you're trying out a longer exposure. It also lets you review all your photos from the camera and save to device. No need to plug in your camera and search through endless mostly dodgy photos. You can regularly monitor your photos, delete as you go and quickly share a few high quality snaps with your friends via whatsapp etc.
Personal Development
Headspace - being away from London allows for less distraction and I have been able to keep up with my Headspace far better. For those not in the know, it's a 10 minute a day mindfulness app. When I get into it I love it and it helps me each day.
Udemy - currently subscribed to a Brené Brown course, this app makes watching the tutorials seem less like work and more casual. Hundreds of courses to meet your thirst for new knowledge and information.
Duo Lingo - Slovenian is not yet available but my intention to continue learning Spanish is aided by this fun gamification learning app.
Public Radio & Podcast / BBC iPlayer Radio - with TV not the go to time waster, listening to interesting podcasts is filling that void and is far more engaging. I am now a regular with RadioLab and I love the sheer variety of topics they cover. And if I am missing home I can tune back into bbc 6music's Radmac show. Possibly a bit of Absolute 80s if I am feeling very nostalgic.
MapMyRide - GPS tracking has already proved its worth while lost on a mountainside last week. But with my friends connected up it's another way to stay in touch and an incentive to get out there and move your ass. I feel amazing afterwards. And I like to get geeky and see just how many metres I've climbed!
Managing the money
Banking apps - new to this but far easier to move monies around to the right places rather than having endless browsers open.
WeSwap - as mentioned in a previous post - this app, alongside the payment card, it's a great money saver and handy to keep track of your expenses.
Post Office Money Travel Card+ - does the same as the WeSwap app for the Post Office card.
Google Drive - app on my tablet means I can keep up with my bookkeeping by easily scanning receipts as they come in. The rest of the google suit apps help me work on work projects on the go as well. Indispensable.
Google Translate - goes without saying really.
DeMobo slides - a new one I am testing out. Allows me to control my Google Slides presentation from my tablet and I can see my notes too. Free and relatively simple to use.
World Clock Meeting Planner - not an app but an amazing tool for easily calculating what time to host calls with a geographically dispersed team!
Wunderlist - using the principles of Getting Stuff Done, this app is just brilliant.
Evernote - I am trying this out but it's currently not adding much - am I doing something wrong?
Skype / Whatsapp - no explanation required
Airbnb - brilliant.
+ the usual gamet.
TimeHop - nothing like getting regular reminders of what you were doing this time last year to keep you motivated on your new path.
Like most things, it's not necessarily the apps themselves but what the apps enable. They encourage my creativity and force me to acknowledge that each day is special and different. They nudge me to keep learning, to not get complacent and foster introspection. They help manage my finances and stay on top of the workload.
What do you guys use? Do you have any recommendations? What am I missing?
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